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A small utility that was especially designed in order to offer you a means of creating and editing bitmap fonts with minimal efforts

Also commonly known as image, raster or texture fonts, bitmap fonts are one of the most popular types of fonts out there, partly thanks to their complex look and partly because they are very simple to render.

Offers you all the necessary tools for creating and editing bitmap fonts

Alphabix is a user-friendly and simplistic software solution that aims to help you create, edit and convert bitmap fonts. This fact alone recommends this application to users who want to create dynamic text templates or 3D titles for their websites or BluffTitler projects, for example.

Right after a fast installation process, you can start working on your bitmap fonts within Alphabix’s simplistic main window. Despite the somewhat minimalistic looks, the tool comes with a reliable set of useful features and functions, accessible from the toolbar.

Comes with powerful font editors

The application is specifically designed to handle the small details, such as shapes and colors of bitmap fonts.

By working your way through its menus, you can add and change the font characters and the glyph height, as well as access the Glyphs or Kerning editors. The former editor can help you replace the glyphs with PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF and JPG pictures, while the latter one makes it simple for you to adjust the spacing between certain pairs.

Convert almost any font into a bitmap font

In addition, you can convert any TrueType, OpenType and Type 1 fonts installed on your computer’s system, remove non-ASCII characters and trim them vertically.

Last but not least, Alphabix makes it possible for you to import Photofonts and to also export your projects as single files, letter cubes cut-outs or HTML, for direct usage on any website.

Comprehensive and efficient font designer and editor

Taking all things into consideration, Alphabix proved itself to be a surprisingly competent software solution for editing and creating bitmap fonts. While at first, its looks might make you think otherwise, Alphabix is one of those applications that puts function before anything else.

For some users this might seem perfect while others might want a more user-friendly interface or a ribbon toolbar to access all the features, it all depends on your taste.


    • DirectX 9 version June 2007 or later
    • Intel Pentium compatible processor
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 10 MB available harddisk space


  • The vowels (a,e,i,o,u) are not exported


  • Convert vector fonts into bitmap fonts:
  • Alphabix can convert any True Type, Open Type and Type 1 font installed on your system. You can set the character range (which characters you would like to convert), the character set, the size, colour, border size and border colour.
  • Replace characters by pictures:
  • Any character can be replaced by any PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF or JPG picture. Alpha channels are correctly imported.
  • Bitmap fonts are full colour:
  • Vector fonts like True Type (TTF) do not contain any colour information. Bitmap fonts are full colour.
  • Bitmap fonts are highly detailed:
  • Complex shapes are difficult to vectorize and expensive to render. Bitmap fonts can handle small details much more efficiently.
  • Bitmap fonts are easy to design:
  • If you know how to draw a picture in a paint application you can design your own bitmap font.
  • Bitmap fonts are always antialiased:
  • Even on older graphics cards that do not feature good quality hardware antialiasing, bitmap fonts are antialiased because the texture file created by Alphabix is perfectly antialiased.
  • Bitmap fonts do not scale:
  • A disadvantage of bitmap fonts is that they do not scale. The edge of a vector font stays razor sharp, no matter how close you zoom in. However, when zooming in on a bitmap font, the individual pixels become visible.


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