Anastasiy’s Extension Manager 1.57 Beta Free

Manage the extensions of your Adobe applications and install new ones easily, with this straightforward and simple to use utility

Anastasiy’s Extension Manager is a simple OS X app designed you help you manage your Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite extensions. It offers a minimalistic interface and is easy-to-use, but lacks many advanced functions that some may have found helpful.

Bare-bones app that only offers essential features

Once you have installed and launched Anastasiy’s Extension Manager, you will notice how simple its layout is, as it consists of two panels that display the installed Adobe products and their extensions.

Only two buttons are included, whose functions are pretty self-explanatory: one allows you to install, and the other to remove extensions.

Add new extensions to your Adobe applications and delete existing ones

You can import ZXP and MXP files and install them with the help of this tool, as well as CS4/CS3 extensions saved to the ZIP format.

Items can be deleted with a single mouse click, though you should be careful as you do this, as no confirmation dialog is provided.

Straightforward utility that can be useful for quickly installing and uninstalling extensions

Unfortunately, the app does not offer any details about the existing extensions, as the only provided information is their name. This may not be a problem for experienced users who know what each of them is for, but novices will have to make sure they are not uninstalling items that are still necessary.

Also, extensions cannot be disabled without deleting them from your Mac entirely. For this reason, this application is not so much an extension manager as it is an installer and uninstaller.

Nevertheless, Anastasiy’s Extension Manager is very easy to work with, which is why advanced users may prefer it over other, more complex tools. As an installer/uninstaller, it works very well, although the lack of additional functions does reduce its usefulness.


    • 64-bit processor
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