CatLight 2.1.3 Beta Free

Monitor the build status for various projects hosted on multiple servers from the comfort of your OS X status bar and get notified when they need your attention

CatLight is a build status notification application that integrates with the AppVeyor, Jenkins, Team Foundation, and Visual Studio Team services and helps you keep an eye on your projects.

The CatLight utility places a small icon on your status bar and employs different colors to signal that a build is currently being created, that it has been partially built, or that its is broken and needs your attention.

Connect to various collaborative software development servers with ease

Right off the bat, within the CatLight main window, you must select the servers you want to connect to and provide the necessary configuration details.

The utility is able to connect you your AppVeyor account with the help of the web API token, or to your Jenkins server if you provide the server’s URL and your credentials.

If you want to connect to Team Foundation or Visual Studio Team servers, just input the collection URL, and CatLight can automatically detect the correct settings

Browse your projects collections and choose the ones for which you want to see build status notifications

Once a connection is established, CatLight can detect all the projects available on the server and offers you the possibility to choose which ones you want to monitor.

Note that all unselected projects, including the newly created ones, will be ignored. To add new projects to the watched list, you must go back to the Setting panel via the CatLight Dashboard.

Even though the project build status can be tracked via the CatLight status bar icon, in the app’s Dashboard window you get to see the state of all followed projects together with details about the last build attempt, who broke the latest build and when, and so on.

View the build status for your projects in the status bar and know instantly when a project requires your attention

To sum up, CatLight is a simple OS X application that enables you to keep track of the build status for various projects hosted on AppVeyor, or on Jenkins, Team Foundation, and Visual Studio Team servers.

The CatLight utility is quite easy to configure, updates the build status periodically, and comes with a simple system that enables you to continue your work while the project is building, but know immediately if your attention is needed.


    • 64-bit processor



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