Debookee 5.2.2 Build 1298 Demo

An easy-to-use monitoring tool that enables you to quickly scan your network, intercept and analyze each device’s traffic in real-time

Whether you want to see which websites network users are visiting, ensure your Wi-Fi is not being used by others behind your back or verify that your web browsing sessions are indeed private, Debookee can come in very handy.

Debookee is a straightforward, easy-to-use application that allows you to capture all traffic on your network, as well as monitor the activity of Wi-Fi devices around you.

Powerful network monitoring utility designed to let you know what each device on your network is doing at all times

In order to monitor devices on your network, you first need to run a LAN scan to detect them. The gathered data is displayed in a list and includes IP addresses, hostnames and vendor information.

Once you have located the devices you wish to monitor, you can mark them as targets and run the analyzer. The application supports HTTP, TCP, DNS, DHCP, SIP and RTP, but HTTPS traffic cannot be decrypted.

Intuitive tool that can be used to monitor network traffic by novices and experts alike

Debookee aims for user-friendliness above all, although it is certainly not found lacking in terms of functionality. Anyone can start analyzing network traffic in seconds, as a couple of mouse clicks is all it takes to find the right devices and begin monitoring them.

The app’s interface has a minimalistic design, and it is very easy to scroll through the results and switch between the various targeted devices.

Debookee allows you to export the captured data to a standard TXT file, and you can save the traffic information recorded from each device to a separate document in one fell swoop.

Simple, no-nonsense network monitoring solution that can quickly save all intercepted traffic data for later analysis

On the whole, Debookee is a well-designed tool that does the job it was designed for without reproach and is accessible to even the least experienced users.

Moreover, Debookee enables you to monitor network traffic via a simple user interface and comes with built-in supports for a wide range of protocols.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Displays the hostnames for a limited number of network devices



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