DetectX 2.38 Trial

Minimalist search tool that can help you find files left behind by certain applications, to remove files blocked by the OS X protect system, and more

There are certain applications that, even if you run their dedicated uninstaller, leave behind junk files that could interfere with your system’s performance. DetectX is a small OS X app that focuses on finding these resources files to help you remove them completely.

Uninstall the apps and then use this search tool to see if there is anything left behind

At the moment, DetectX is searching for dependencies files for the following applications: MacKeeper, CleanMyMac, Genieo, iAntiVirus, and MacCleanse.

Note that if you have these apps installed on your Mac and want to remove them from some reason, you need to go through the traditional uninstallation procedure first: either run their uninstaller, or move the app to the Trash if they don’t provide one.

Once the process is complete, you can employ the DetectX search tool to see if there are any files related to those installations still present on your Mac.

The utility will display the results in list form, and you can choose to see each item in a Finder window and move it to the Trash with a single drag and drop movement.

Find malware and adware files, or detect items blocked by the OS X protection system

Furthermore, DetectX can also be used to identify miscellaneous malware, keyloggers, or items that are automatically blocked by the system, such as Wirelurker.

Keep in mind that DetectX is designed to deal only with a limited number of unwanted elements and popular keylogging software, like AOBO, AMK, EliteKeylogger, LogKext, PKL, Specter Pro, or WebWatcher.

Simple software solution that can help you deal with specific issues

To conclude, DetectX enables you to handle some issues frequently encountered by Mac OS X users.

Some of the search capabilities are aimed to help you completely remove commercial software once you have decided to uninstall it while others can help you identify files that are straightforward malicious.


    • 64-bit processor


  • 30 days trial



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