DVDFAB CinaviaRemoval HD Trial

Remove Cinavia protection from your movies in a quick, efficient manner by relying on this application that provides you with several useful tools

Although enjoying Blu-ray movies can be a pleasant way to spend your free time, sometimes your content might be subjected to certain limitations, one of them being Cinavia protection.

Fortunately, you can turn to dedicated software solutions, such as DVDFAB CinaviaRemoval HD, and remove restrictions in a quick, effortless manner.

Please note that this application requires a Blu-ray drive and an Internet connection so that it can work as intended.

Easy to install

This utility is actually a module that is integrated within DVDFAB, thus using it as a standalone application is not an available option. It can be installed on your computer without effort since it does not require any additional configuration on your part.

You can configure this component by accessing the host application’s Settings window and navigating to the Cinavia Protection section, under the Blu-ray tab.

Enable or disable Cinavia removal

DVDFAB CinaviaRemoval HD allows you to toggle the Cinavia removal feature on or off, according to your needs, by ticking the corresponding checkbox from the configuration menu.

Additionally, you can enable temporary Cinavia repair data deletion after the process is finished. Alternatively, it is possible to view a list of the temporary files resulted from the process and delete them manually by clicking the Clear Cache button.

Remove watermarks easily

Whenever you import a movie file, the application automatically detects whether Cinavia protection is enforced and displays a quick guide that can help you remove it.

The process can be easily executed, as you just need to click the audio track combo menu and click the red Cinavia logo in order to remove the watermark from your movie.

As a conclusion

To sum it up, DVDFAB CinaviaRemoval HD is a reliable utility that allows you to remove Cinavia protection from your video files in a quick, effortless manner. It requires little configuration and its straightforward functions make it highly accessible for a broad range of users.


    • Core 2 Quad and above
    • 2 GB of RAM
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above
    • A Blu-ray drive
    • Internet broadband connection


  • 30-day trial


  • Produce Lossless PCM Audio Track:
  • In Blu-ray Copy option, the audio tracks affected by the Cinavia watermark, including DTS HD Master Audio, will be copied as the lossless PCM (Pulse-code modulation) audio. Although being not identical to the original in terms of audio format, it is 100% restore to the original audio track in terms of sound quality.
  • Convert to High Quality Audio Track:
  • In the Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray to DVD Converter options, the selected audio track with Cinavia watermark, also including DTS HD Master Audio, will be converted to various audio formats. Although the output is not lossless, the quality of the internal processing is still lossless and the output quality then only depends on other options selected, such as bitrate, number of channels, etc.
  • Complete and Permanent Cinavia Removal:
  • DVDFab Cinavia removal solution is able to remove the embedded watermark completely and permanently. This is to say, on the affected playback device, even a firmware update with a new & better detector will not be able to find the watermark in the backup disc or converted video files, simply because there’s nothing left to be found. The watermark is completely gone once and for all.



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