Eddie 3.0.1 Free

An easy to use editor that has been designed for Mac OS X programmers and is inspired by MPW which makes it ideal for C/C++ development

Eddie is a programmers editor that comes with a minimalist user interface while featuring powerful shell and makefile tools that enable you to write code in various languages, such as C++, Obj-C, Xcode, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lua, and more.

The application has been inspired by the Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop which has been developed for the Classic Mac operating systems, but comes packed with modern tools that will help you write code just like you are writing plain text.

Quick to install programmers editor developed for Mac OS X and Gnome users

The Eddie main window is represented by a Worksheet, which is essentially a replacement for the Terminal application. This is extremely useful because you can save all the commands executed in the shell to a text file, and run them again when needed.

Packs uncomplicated but powerful editing tools that will help you write in various languages

Via the Worksheet window you have access to powerful editing tools, to clipboard management functions (multiple pasteboards enable you to handle complex tasks), or to simple but efficient search tools. In the Eddie top window toolbar you can also find buttons associated with various plug-ins: Commenter, Symbol lookup, or #ifdef Balancing.

Furthermore, Eddie provides support for function popup when working in certain programming languages. Developing code in various languages is fairly straightforward since Eddie includes specific syntax coloring in each case.

On top of that, Eddie is sporting document tabs, allows you to split the window in two panes (horizontally or vertically), enables you to organize your projects into Worksets, and offers support for source control systems, such as Subversion, Git, or Perforce.

Minimalist but very versatile programmers editor that can improve your productivity

Eddie provides straightforward tools for developing code in a clean, organized interface that resembles a text editor. The application is able to handle shell commands, includes makefiles tools, allows you to organize your work space anyway you like, and much more.


    • 64 bit processor



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