FlexiHub 3.0 Build 10091 Demo

Connect to remote USB or serial port devices that are connected to a computer from the comfort of your Mac, regardless of the platform used by the remote workstation

FlexiHub is a straightforward solution for getting access to devices connected to remote computers by making use of the LAN or internet connection.

The utility enables you to connect to USB or serial port devices such as cameras, audio or video devices, storage devices, USB security dongles, printers, smart card readers, and so on.

Easy to setup system for sharing USB devices

To start using FlexiHub, you must register for an account beforehand: once you install the app on your Mac and log in using your credentials, all other workstations connected to your account will have access to the USB, or serial port devices plugged into the desktop computer.

Within the FlexiHub main window, you can see the list of connected nodes and all the devices plugged into each workstation. Just select the device you want to access and press the “Connect” button.

For your convenience, FlexiHub will automatically recognize the type of each device and will include the information in the listing. This way you can easily differentiate between a storage device and a printer, and so on.

Preserve full control over your devices

Worth mentioning is that FlexiHub does not make you share all your devices at all times: within the FlexiHub main window, you can choose to lock certain devices which will make them invisible and inaccessible from other nodes.

In addition, FlexiHub protects all communications using 256-bit SSL encryption, which means your data will remain safe during transfer. To increase the data transfer speed, FlexiHub also enables you to use traffic compression tools.

Share and access USB or Serial Port devices from remote locations

All in all, FlexiHub proposes an efficient solution for quickly sharing all sorts of devices with other computers at remote locations. This way, you can readily access information or make use of various devices without being limited by your current location.


    • FlexiHub


  • Can connect only two nodes and one device
  • Devices are disconnected after 20 minutes


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