GIF Brewery 3.2 Free

An intuitive and very easy-to-use application designed to help you convert your videos into animated GIF files in a couple of minutes

GIF Brewery is a streamlined OS X video utility that provides the necessary tools and features to create various animated GIF images from your video files.

GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format, is a straightforward bitmap image format that comes with support for animations. In other words, an animated GIF will include multiple frames and shows them in succession, which creates the illusion of animation.

Transform video files into animated GIFs to make them more easily to share

By using GIF Brewery, you can convert short clips from your video files into the aforementioned image format. Thanks to GIF Brewery you no longer have to manually extract frames from the video and use multiple layers in various image editing applications.

GIF Brewery comes with a user-oriented interface from which you can load, play, crop and resize a video of your choice. To begin the conversion process, you first have to define the start and end point.

The selected section will be used in your animated GIF file. The “Add Caption” slide sheet helps you insert multiple short text descriptions or overlays and adjust the text font, size, and color.

What is more, you can apply a wide variety of customizable image filters like sepia, black & white and even color correct the image.

Control the frame count and include captions together with transition effects

From GIF properties panel you can automatically set the frame count and delay or manually insert the desired values. You can also change the loop count along with the looping direction and choose between reverse, palindrome, and playback.

What is more, GIF Brewery enables you to add a custom delay to the final frame and reduce the number of colors present in the GIF. Another great feature is the quality improvement function that uses various algorithms to obtain high-quality results.

GIF Brewery can also add text captions and delivers custom effects to help you integrate them into your project better: fade in and out or various types of blending. You also get to adjust the opacity level and the scale.

Create GIF animations starting from video content in an intuitive manner

In conclusion, the GIF Brewery OS X application can process video content and extract essential frames in order to transform the recording into a GIF animation that still covers the important aspects.

GIF Brewery enables you to review the GIF animation within the app, before exporting, and allows you to either save the output to your drive or quickly upload it to the Gfycat servers.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Video converter
  • Customizable image effects
  • Generate GIF loops



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