Hands Off! 3.0.6 Demo

Offers you the possibility to easily monitor and control the access of apps to your network and disks and make informed decisions.

Hands Off! is a simple yet powerful Mac app that can help you monitor and manage the internet or disk access for all the applications installed on your computer. This way, you get to protect your privacy and run all sorts of utilities without risking data loss or unauthorized transfers.

Uncomplicated installation procedure and rule setup process

When you launch the Hands Off! application for the first time, the utility runs an assistant that quickly installs all required components, and helps you make simple decisions about the monitoring system.

For your convenience, Hands Off! also places a small menu in your status bar that allows you to quickly disable and enable the access rules, or access the configuration panel. If the Network Monitor function is enabled, the menu also enables you to open that panel (or you can use the Option + Command + G hotkey).

Effortlessly setup network usage and file writing permissions for applications or system processes

Within the Hands Off! Configuration window you can easily create new access rules (allow, deny, ask, hide, or preset) or edit already defined ones. Hands Off! is able to work with specific applications or with system services. The utility can limit the network usage for both incoming and outgoing connections, or the file writing and reading capabilities.

Note that when dealing with network access rules, you have the option to impose limitations only for certain IP addresses, ports or protocols. The same rule applies when dealing with disk access restrictions: you must provide the exact disk area.

Protect yourself by blocking hidden internet connections or any unapproved disk access

Hands Off! offers you the possibility to run untrusted applications without worrying about any data leaks: the app is able to limit the incoming and outgoing network access, and can restrict the reading and writing disk permissions.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Every 4 hours it stops for 5 minutes.


  • Protect your privacy:
  • Keep an eye on Internet connections from all applications. Hence, make your own decisions as to the transfer of your private information and avoid information leakage.
  • Designate friendly applications:
  • Specify which applications should be trusted with specific operations. The flexible configuration enables the smooth running of your activities while maintaining top security.
  • Safely run untrusted applications:
  • Manage disk access so dubious programs cannot obtain private information. Avert data loss by prohibiting disk writing. Prevent viruses and other malware infiltration.


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