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An intuitive and powerful Mac OS X application for converting DRM protected videos from your iTunes library to the DRM-free MP4 format

Some iTunes videos, TV shows and music videos are protected by digital rights management (DRM) in order to prevent illegal distribution and transfer between devices.

To remove the DRM protection from iTunes M4V videos, you need a specialized 3rd party application, such as M4VGear.

Streamlined tool for quickly removing DRM from M4V videos by converting them to MP4

M4VGear is a fast, reliable and efficient DRM remover which is capable of converting DRM-protected videos in the M4V format (from your iTunes library) to the unprotected MP4 format.

Usually, rented movies are available for 30 days and must be watched within 24 hours after playing them. M4VGear allows you to keep your iTunes movie rentals for as long as you like by removing their expiration date. You can watch your rented movies when you want.

Capable of converting videos at 1080p HD quality

Furthermore, M4VGear can convert your movies to a lossless 1080p HD clip that keeps 100% of the original quality. Moreover, subtitles and audio tracks are also retained.

The main user interface of M4VGear is highly intuitive and easy-to-use. The upper toolbar offers access to buttons for the most commonly used actions (add / remove files, search and history).

From the main panel, you can view the DRM protected M4V files you’ve added and choose which ones you want to convert. On the bar below the main panel, users can select the output directory and click on the “Start Convert” button.

Straightforward video DRM remover designed to enable its users to process large batches of movies at a time

In a nutshell, M4VGear can convert multiple files at the same time as well and, thus, you can add two or more M4V files from your iTunes library and convert all of them with just one click.

Additionally, the M4VGear application works out-of-the-box with and no configuration is needed; you just have to add your video files and start the conversion process with a single mouse click.




  • Converts only minute of each input video



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