Microstockr Pro 0.8.0 Free

Keep track of your sales and earnings on multiple stock photography agencies, aided by various charts and statistics, with this helpful app

Making money from stock photography is not easy, as you have to upload your photos on numerous websites to increase their exposure and maximize your chances of selling them. However, this raises the problem of keeping track of your earnings.

Microstockr Pro is an application designed to help you out in this situation, as it simplifies the task of managing your finances, letting you focus on creating new content.

Useful app that enables you to track your earnings from numerous sources

Microstockr Pro can track your sales and earnings from multiple stock photo agencies, and a large number of services are supported. You need to enter your login details for each one, and you can aggregate the information to get a better idea of which photos are doing best on specific websites.

You can view how much you have earned today, during the current week or month, as well as your total balance. These values can be displayed for each agency separately, or you can choose to combine the data obtained from all of them.

Provides handy charts and statistics to help you interpret the gathered data

Microstockr Pro can display a detailed daily chart that lets you know how many photos have been sold and how much money you have made on specific days.

The application can show the most recent downloads, as well as the highest all-time sellers from each agency.

If the same photo has been uploaded on multiple websites, you can group all entries together and track their statistics as a whole.

Well-designed, modern-looking interface that provides the information you need at a glance

Microstockr Pro has an intelligent layout that is very easy to understand, even for first-time users. Visually, the app looks very good, and it comes with multiple UI themes.

All in all, this is a useful tool for stock photographers who wish to keep track of their sales and earnings. It allows you to maximize your profits while saving you valuable time in the process.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Charts & statistics
  • Portfolio efficiency
  • Best sellers
  • Sale trends


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