MiTeC Network Meter Free

Scan for network interfaces and adapters installed on your system and monitor the incoming and outgoing network traffic with this application

Network Meter is a network information tool that monitors any installed adapter and provides traffic details.

You shall figure out where to start in just a second after launching the app for the first time, mostly because the displayed options are very intuitive.

Users are however required to pick a network interface to monitor because Network Meter doesn’t automatically select the one currently in use. A dedicated menu was developed just for this purpose, so have a look in the “Monitor” drop-down menu to pick the target adapter.

Once Network Meter starts collecting statistics, you can see the current and the total download and upload rates, along with a simple graph to track recent activity.

Session totals are also available, and so is a network properties window that displays the maximum device speed, MTU size, MAC address and network type.

There are no other settings to play with and that’s a drawback for sure. For example, a floating window to show current transfer speeds could help a lot.

One of the good things about this piece of software is that it’s fairly simple, so rookies should encounter no problems when trying to figure out the purpose of each feature.

But overall, professional users may be disappointed, especially because the application lacks so many features. Rookies on the other hand may be pleased with the user-friendly approach.


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