Router Syslog 1.4.1 Free

Analyze your router’s syslog using this portable tool that lets you save log details to file, perform DNS queries, and use Whois

Router Syslog is a feather-light and portable application you can use to analyze the syslog from your router. It contains some additional options for performing DNS queries and using Whois.

Portability advantages

Since there’s no setup pack involved, you can drop the downloaded program files in a preferred location on the disk and just double-click the .exe to launch the tool. Otherwise, you can copy it to a USB flash drive to seamlessly run it on any computer with minimum effort and no previous installers.

It doesn’t add new entries to the Windows registry or need DLLs to work properly. However, it automatically creates and updates a file with your configuration settings on exit.

Simple interface for viewing router log details

As far as the interface is concerned, Router Syslog has a basic window with a simple design, where the syslog contents are displayed at startup. You can change the default port number, save the log details to plain text format, view hints for new entries, as well as select a domain from the drop-down list to obtain your IP address.

Additional options are available in the right-click menu. For example, you can clear all or just selected text, view port and advanced information, run a DNS query by entering an IP address, as well as use Whois online.

Evaluation and conclusion

We haven’t come across any stability problems throughout our testing, as Router Syslog didn’t freeze, crash or prompt error dialogs. It left a small footprint on system resources, running on a low amount of CPU and RAM.

On the other hand, it doesn’t give you the possibility to specify the saving directory for the text document with syslog details. Instead, this is automatically created. Other than that, the tool gets the job done and can be easily used.


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