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Keep various type of data in the same place and quickly input data by using prebuilt templates, or create custom tables with the help of different field types

Steward is a minimalist OS X application that enables you to create a database that includes all sorts of information, going from passwords to inventories, book catalogs, and so on.

To streamline the data input process, Steward comes with prebuilt table templates, but can also import information stored in CSV or TSV data files.

Simple solution for quickly creating a comprehensive database

Steward includes templates for dealing with passwords, personal collections, documents, notes, contacts, home inventories, aquarium, book catalogs, movie libraries, wine collections, project management, insurance records, file management, or activity planning.

Just create a new table using one of the available templates, and then input as many records as you like. Steward integrates support for nine types of fields that you get to combine any way you like: text, number, image, data and time, attachment, rating, checkbox, choice, or website.

Export or backup your databases with minimal effort

Steward can export the records stored in any of your tables to CSV or TSV files, and you get to choose the fields you want to include. Note that you cannot export multiple tables at the same time.

On the other hand, Steward can also create backups using a proprietary format, and you get to restore them any time you like. You can trigger the backup procedure manually, or you can adjust the auto backup interval in the Preferences window.

The same area allows you to quickly access the database location and see its size. Steward offers you the possibility to optimize the database file to gain more space, and you can decide how many auto backups Steward will keep by default.

Store various type of data in the same place

Steward offers you the possibility to create a comprehensive database that can store everything, going from notes and home inventories to documents and passwords.

However, the Steward user interface is not password protected, and the app does not encrypt your database, so you should be careful about how important is the information you choose to store in it.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Limited to creating 5 tables and each can hold up to 5 records



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