BitRock InstallBuilder 16.11.0 Demo

A streamlined and easy to use developer tool that helps you create installers for your applications capable of running on a wide array of operating systems

BitRock InstallBuilder is a straightforward and easy to use tool that will enable users to build and deploy installers for server and desktop apps in a very accessible fashion.

Powerful yet easy to use utility that enables you to build installers for a wide variety of operating system platforms

Finding your way around the application is quite easy since the workspace is streamlined and intuitively organized. Thus, with the help of the toolbar located in the upper part of the main window you can create and save a new project, build a new installer, and test run or optimize the installer.

Also, via the four tabs from BitRock InstallBuilder’s main window, you can input product details, customize the project and select the type of packaging for your installer.

BitRock InstallBuilder provides an efficient environment for building installers: a single file project is all you need in order to deploy an installer on a wide array of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, and Linux.

Comprehensive and versatile app with a built-in debugger that provides support for multiple installation modes

A noteworthy feature is the fact that with the help of a built-in debugger BitRock InstallBuilder will help you to identify and correct problems encountered in the development stage: it enables you to view or edit installers variables and it also provides testing support for specific parts of the installer.

What’s more, BitRock InstallBuilder provides its users with the option of designing multiple installation modes such as GUI mode for desktop environments, text-based installations for remote app deployment, and silent install mode used for automated deployment.

Forthright utility that comes with inbuilt support for a wide array of languages and programming languages

Furthermore, with the help of BitRock InstallBuilder you can create installers capable of deploying apps written in the following languages: Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, C/C++ and .NET/Mono.

Furthermore, BitRock InstallBuilder comes with support for lots of languages such as: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Catalan, Estonian, Slovenian, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian and Welsh.

All in all, BitRock InstallBuilder is a powerful and easy to use tool and will surely help everyone who is interested in building installers for the most popular OSs out there, without having to deal with an overly complicated build process.


  • Enables you to build multi-platform installers for Windows ME, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, and Linux
  • Comes with an built-in debugger that helps you correct issues during the development
  • You can also build installers for applications written in Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, C/C++, and .NET/Mono
  • Comes with support for multiple language: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Valencian, Catalan, Estonian, Slovenian, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian and Welsh




Fuse 0.30.0 Build 8529 Beta Free

Design and develop Android or iOS apps with the help of the user-friendly UX Markup language and real-time previews, using this powerful application

Normally, app development involves a series of distinct phases, from the initial prototyping to UI design and actual development. However, teams can often become disjointed because of this workflow, as members tackle either coding or graphic design, without seeing the results until the app is finalized.

Fuse offers a set of tools meant to facilitate collaboration between designers and developers, including an intuitive, easy-to-read UX Markup language and real-time previews on both iOS and Android devices.

Take advantage of UX Markup, an intuitive language that does not rely on prior coding experience

In order to make it easier for designers to interact and work with developers, Fuse utilizes UX Markup, an XML-based language engineered to be simple to read even for those with limited coding skills. When the project is compiled, it is automatically converted to C++.

While UX files can be processed with any text editor, Fuse offers the most streamlined workflow when used together with Sublime Text.

Preview your designs in real-time as you work on the app’s code

Once of the most useful features offered by Fuse is the ability to provide a live preview of your project, enabling you to track any changes made to the app’s code in real-time. This preview can either be generated on your Mac or iOS and Android devices.

However, while this function is very useful, it would help if it were possible to make alterations to the app’s UI without having to write code. Sadly, visual design tools are not currently available.

Basic interface and layout that could do with some more polish

Fuse is still in the Beta testing phase, so it is understandable that more attention is being given to functionality rather than looks, but the app does need to be improved in this regard.

Its layout is not particularly intuitive and the app could take some getting used to, but there is extensive documentation available, in addition to project examples can help you understand the app’s functions.

Overall, Fuse provides you with an extensive set of tools and can be a great asset for app designers and developers. It needs to be refined further, but shows great promise for the future.


    • 64-bit processor
    • Sublime Text 3
    • Apple Xcode


  • Designer–developer collaboration
  • Real-time preview
  • Outputs native code
  • Hardware accelerated
  • Native UIs


Autodesk Fusion 360 2.0.2539 Trial

A powerful, multi-functional application that enables you to create, modify, simulate functionality, share and promote your 3D model work


Autodesk Fusion 360 is an advanced tool for modelling 3D objects, as well as for supporting and promoting your own projects. The software is powerful and offers many tutorials, guidelines, tips, designed to help you in the modeling process. It can also help you with streamline product development.

Powerful tool, advanced functions

Autodesk Fusion 360 is dedicated to designing and modeling 3D CAD/CAM objects, specializing in product development. It is also a suitable tool for creative collaboration, due to the fact the it is cloud based and allows you to use the 3D to share your work with partners. The software offers the required support in creating the 3D shapes, testing their functionality, explaining the fabrication process and promoting your product.

It features several tutorials, templates and preset parameters, so you can quickly get used to its functionality, interface and capabilities. The software allows you to work with the graphic parameters, as well as to create source code scripts and automate certain tasks. The software offers several sample scripts that you can try and modify in order to fit your requirements.

Permissive storage space and functionality

With Autodesk Fusion 360, you can easily store your work in progress to the cloud account. You need to create an Autodesk account before you start using the software. This way, you can keep your design page synchronizes and available for your associates.

The graphic capabilities and tools offered by the software are vast and powerful, allowing you to create, modify and preview the objects in real time. You can add textures, colors, lights, calculate angles as well as test their validity. In case of mechanics design, for instance, you need to test its functionality, resistance, potential and quality. This is why the software allows you to create animations and simulate motion.

Reliable tool for product development

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a multi-functional tool for product development that allows you to monitor the evolution of a model. The software provides support for the product creation from the sketch stage, through modelling, assembling, functionality simulation, sharing and promoting. You are offered several creation, measuring and analysis tools.


    • CPU: 64-bit processor (32-bit not supported)
    • Memory: 3GB RAM (4GB recommended)
    • An internet connection
    • Hard drive space of approximately 300mb, for the Fusion 360 client.
    • Graphics Card: All graphics cards on supported hardware (except Intel GMA X3100)
    • Pointing device


  • 30 days trial


Mindomo Desktop 8.0.8 Demo

A powerful yet user friendly Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly create, edit and share mind maps featuring various projects

Mind maps can help you organize your ideas, record brainstorming session, or identify all the elements related to a certain project. Mindomo Desktop is an easy to use OS X application designed with this exact purpose in mind: to help you create beautiful mind maps in no time.

Cross-platform tool with a stylish and intuitive user interface

Mindomo Desktop has been developed to run on Adobe Air, which means that you need to download and install the platform before trying to launch the application. However, Mindomo Desktop comes with its own installer so the entire procedure is quite fast and uncomplicated.

Most of the user interaction is performed via the Mindomo Desktop main window which provides quick access to frequently used app’s capabilities. A large portion of the window is reserved for the actual mind map, while the functions buttons are placed in toolbars surrounding the area.

Effortlessly personalize all the mind maps you create

Mindomo Desktop enables you to create beautiful yet highly customizable mind maps in no time by providing access to various design templates. For start, you get to alter the graphical representation for the topic box: you can change the shape, background color, or line color / weight / type.

Much in the same fashion, you get to switch between different font styles, map themes, or layout patterns. Moreover, you get to create additional relations between various topics or create boundaries for the mind map.

Simple yet powerful mind mapping utility for the Mac

Besides its mind map focus, Mindomo Desktop is also able to store notes, hyperlinks and attachments, images, video and audio files, icons, tasks, or comments. Also noteworthy is that Mindomo Desktop comes with a built-in web browser that makes it easy for you to search for data online without leaving the application.

Mindomo Desktop is an excellent tool to have installed on your Mac if you need to create graphical representations for your ideas or projects because it will allow you to use a wide array of layouts, establish additional relationships between topics, personalize the design according to your specifications, and much more.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Only maps opened from the server can be saved locally on your computer


SketchUp Make 17.1.173 Free

A professional and cross-platform application which enables you to efficiently design, edit and share 3D models of any physical object

SketchUp Make is a free-to-use cross-platform application that enables you to create 3D drawings for a variety of projects and fields, such as architecture, construction, engineering, remodeling, urban planning, game design, 3D printing and more.

A simple to use 3D modeling app

The application is designed to be a more user-friendly and universal alternative to complicated CAD software that require advanced knowledge. With SketchUp Make, anyone can design their own sketch with the help of interactive drawing tools.

Furthermore, using SketchUp Make is a simple procedure, as it was designed to be used by users of any skill level. The top toolbar provides access to the most commonly used commands, the bottom bar displays tips and the length of an object.

Build sophisticated models with interactive tools

The typical workflow would be to start drawing the outline of the sketch using lines and different shapes. You can easily manipulate them and change the view angle to any degree. SketchUp Make includes both simple and advanced modeling tools so that all types of users can be productive.

Some important features included with SketchUp Make are the ability to access user-made models via the Warehouse, choosing a template before starting a new project, adding a geolocation to the drawing (via Google Maps) and exporting the project as a 3D model, 2D graphic, section slice or animation.

Streamlined and full-featured tool for producing 3D models

In a nutshell, SketchUp Make is the less enhanced edition of SketchUp Pro that comes with a complete set of features for building detailed 3D models and create professional construction documents. The Make version is free and enables you to draw basic 3D models with plenty of flexibility.


    • 2.1+ GHz Intel processor.
    • 1 GB RAM.
    • 300 MB of available hard-disk space.
    • 3D class Video Card with 128 MB of memory or higher. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL 1.5 or later and up to date.
    • 3 button, scroll-wheel mouse.
    • QuickTime 5.0 or later (for multimedia tutorials)
    • Safari (optional)
    • Google Earth 4 or later (optional)
    • 64-bit application


  • 30 days trial version


  • Create and edit Sketchup models
  • Go from 2D to 3D in a snap
  • Accurate measurements
  • Paint bucket
  • Multiple groups and components
  • View inside your models
  • Save views and create animations
  • Import and edit models
  • Export JPEG, PNG and TIFF


BricsCad Platinum 17.1.07 Revision 45745 Trial

A complete DWG CAD alternative application that bundles an advanced set of features, especially designed for professional designers

BricsCad Platinum is one of the most decent alternatives to AutoCAD, oriented towards a wide audience through the rich range of uses and an affordable price.

BricsCad Platinum targets more industries than AutoCAD, but doesn’t embed the support that the latter provides for the education field. Which one is the better choice is a matter of both taste and purpose, as a comparison process reveals minor differences in functionality.

BricsCad is brought in three different flavors: the Classic edition provides 2D CAD design, while the Pro version includes the features of the Classic, with the added benefits of 3D direct modelling.

The Platinum edition, however, is the most feature-rich of the suite, as it encases assembly editing, as well as 3D constraints on top of BricsCad Pro.

BricsCad features support for all the major CAD formats, including DWG, DWF, DXF, ECW and BMP, but lacks the 3DS compatibility that Autocad sports. However, it can perform 3D direct modelling and has support for Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Assembly modelling is another top feature, organizing DWG models in hierarchical structures, therefore allowing you to compose an assembly of components seamlessly. It can also generate associative 2D and 3D drawing views from source 3D models.

BricsCad Platinum offers full control over scaling, therefore the printed models will reflect the real-world dimensions of the drawing more accurately.

In more recent releases, the application received Chapoo compatibility, allowing you to upload files to the cloud and share them with your colleagues and collaborators. Moreover, the Communicator module (which is optional) allows for the easy exchange between all the major CAD formats.

All in all, BricsCad Platinum comes across as a rich and powerful CAD solution, which architects and engineers can make use of to turn their ideas into reality at less cost than AutoCAD.


    • Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster, or compatible processor
    • RAM: 256 MB, 1 Gb or more recommended
    • Hard drive: 250 MB for program files + 1 GB free space
    • Display: 1024×768 XGA with true color (minimum)


  • 10 days trial
  • Nag screen


  • Assembly modeling
  • Kinematic analysis
  • Bill of materials
  • Dynamic UCS
  • 3D Direct modeling in rendered mode with the Quad tool
  • 2D and 3D constraint solving
  • Design intent recognition
  • Powerful 3D render engine and materials editor
  • Chapoo connectivity
  • Dynamic input and dynamic dimensions
  • Associative dimensions
  • Attribute management
  • Graphic device per viewport
  • Publish improvements
  • Layer filters
  • Reference editing


Sweet Home 3D 5.3 Free

A popular application that was specifically designed to help you create a house interior, place your furniture and preview it in 3D

Placing furniture in your newly bought house can be a hassle, especially since you need a house plan in order to position each furniture piece in its designated place.

If you’re in need of a tool to assist you create a digital plan of your house, Sweet Home 3D will provide you with an intuitive way to design your house plan, and with the ability to preview it in 3D.

Mouse and keyboard based sketching

The Sweet Home 3D application enables you to draw walls with precision, using the keyboard or your mouse. After drawing the walls you can insert windows and doors anywhere you want.

On top of that, Sweet Home 3D makes it simple for you to add a large number of furniture types. The furniture is organized into categories, so you will get quick access to all items in a natural order.

Sweet Home 3D also helps you to change the location, size, color and texture of any available item, including floors, furniture or ceilings with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Straightforward and quick design annotation tools, as well as fast switch between 2D to 3D design modes

Furthermore, Sweet Home 3D gives you the ability to switch from 3D to 2D in an instant. While 2D is better for creating the house plan, the 3D mode is where you can see how your house will look like after the furniture is placed.

In addition, the application makes it easy and straightforward to annotate your house plan with multiple items like dimension lines, room areas or texts.

Localised in multiple languages

Sweet Home 3D may also be used to print and export the results to multiple formats, which include bitmap, 3D and PDF, among others. The utility also includes plugin support, so you can easily add you own plugins and extend the capabilities of the application.

As an added advantage, Sweet Home 3D is also a multi-language app that comes with complete support for more than 24 different languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, German or polish, among others.


    • Java 1.5 or later
    • 64-bit processor


  • Draw walls with precision
  • Insert windows and doors
  • Add and modify furniture with ease
  • View the house plan in 3D
  • Import blueprints
  • Export to PDF or bitmap
  • Multilanguage


WireframeSketcher Studio 4.7.1 Trial

Powerful and very intuitive cross-platform utility that makes it very simple and quick to design your own UI prototypes and screen mockups in no time

WireframeSketcher is user-oriented and comprehensive OS X wireframe design and development utility designed to be used both as an Eclipse IDE plug-in and as a standalone application.

Support for working on both small and large scale interface prototype projects

The WireframeSketcher application makes it very simple and effortless for any designer, developer or product manager to swiftly sketch up almost any type of interface from huge scale prototypes to simple mockups for your apps’ interfaces.

WireframeSketcher helps you create hand-drawn and rough looking mock-ups meant to present the main idea behind your designs but, when needed, you can always switch to a clean theme that will help you focus on your design’s overall look.

Built-in multi-monitor support, as well as keyboard only interface and tool control

Additionally, with the help of the WireframeSketcher app you can work on your design mockup projects at  high speeds because its extensive and customizable set of keyboard shortcuts make it very easy to streamline your workflow and use all its built-in tools in a quick and simple manner, without the need of a mouse.

Moreover, because WireframeSketcher includes its own integrated refactoring tools, you can use it to easily and quickly move and rename your projects files without having to worry about broken links.

Furthermore, WireframeSketcher comes with a highly flexible user interface that will enable you to make the most out of your multi-monitor setup in order to increase your design workspace and further improve your workflow and boost your work speed.

Intuitive and multi-platform interface design power tool

On top of that, WireframeSketcher is a cross-platform application that features a fast and native UI for all popular operating systems out there (i.e. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).

On the whole, WireframeSketcher is the app to go to if you’re in need of a user-friendly and full-featured interface prototyper and mockup designer with inbuilt team collaboration features and a wide array of features created to help you streamline your design workflow.


    • Java
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 1 GHz Processor
    • 200 MB disk space


  • 14 days trial
  • Watermark in exported PNG files


  • Create quick prototypes, wireframes and mockups for desktop, mobile and web applications
  • Simple and intuitive look
  • Built-in team collaboration tools
  • Hand-drawn looking designs
  • Standalone application and Eclipse IDE plug-in


FotoMagico 5.2.2 Build 22416 Trial

A simple, user-friendly and fully-featured application that helps you create professional-looking slideshow using your photos and videos

FotoMagico is a well-designed and intuitive Mac OS X application specially designed to help you turn simple photos, videos and songs into stunning animated slideshows for you, your family or clients.

Create, shape and share your story using a Mac

From FotoMagico’s you can easily access and use images from your iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom library or any other location. You can use and edit JPEG as well as RAW files in the desired resolution. What is more, you can use all sorts of aspect ratios and even panoramas that you can smoothly pan across in order to display the entire picture.

Zoom in, pan and rotate images with just a few mouse clicks, correct the color of all pictures in order to match all the slides in your presentation. As you browse your libraries, you can view all used images thanks to the light marker placed in the corner of the thumbnail.

Built-in basic video editing tools

Furthermore, FotoMagico allows you to pan, zoom and rotate videos just like you would do with a regular picture. Additionally, you can use different file formats in the same presentation regardless of their format. FotoMagico will automatically handle the frame rate, aspect ration and resolution and make your files fit your project.

FotoMagico also enables you to effortlessly trim the videos you want to add to your slideshow, color correct them and choose transitions from a large list of high quality transitions.

Add an audio ambiance to your slideshows

On top of that, you can add a soundtrack to your slideshow and enhance the effect of the displayed photos and videos. You can easily import any song from your iTunes’ library and start the track exactly when you want it.

Consequently, you can use various sound effects and voice-overs, add narration using the built-in sound recorder and deliver a professional-looking slideshow. FotoMagico comes with three audio tracks that also display the audio waveform of each track, which makes it easy to align the sound with the pictures and videos.

Powerful yet simple to use slideshow designer with support for layers and masks

You can use up to six layers of photos, videos and titles in the desired order. Once your storyboard is complete, turn it into a template that you can reuse in other projects. Take advantage of the mask feature and define the transparency of a layer, crop an image and obtain the desired visual effect.

On the whole, Boinx Software’s FotoMagico is a user-friendly yet comprehensive OS X app that makes it possible to create professional looking slideshows out of photos, videos and your favorite songs in a matter of minutes.


    • 64-bit processor
    • 8 GB of RAM (or more)
    • Graphics card with 512MB of video memory (or more)
    • Recommended: a SSD instead of a regular hard disk


  • 14 days trial
  • Adds a watermark to all output files


  • Pan and zoom features
  • Animate photos
  • Sharing features
  • Numerous transition styles
  • Image effects
  • Support for audio files


Direct Mail 4.3.8 Build 445 Demo

Design personalized newsletters for your e-mail marketing campaign, send them to numerous contacts and track their results, with this comprehensive app

Online mass marketing campaigns can help you popularize your products or spread the word about certain events. Designing them and determining their effectiveness is another matter entirely, as all you can usually do is click ‘Send’ and hope for the best.

That is not the case with Direct Mail, a powerful application that can help you throughout every step of your project. You can use it to design newsletters, preview them on various devices and e-mail clients, manage your contacts and verify your campaign’s results.

Bundled with a host of templates suitable for just about every purpose

Acquiring a mailing list is easy enough, but designing your newsletters, announcements or promotions in such a way as to attract the most attention is a bit more difficult. Direct Mail comes equipped with numerous templates, specially created for certain types of e-mails.

You can customize them to your heart’s content, but they are much more likely to be read if you also include mail-merge tags, which automatically insert data from each recipient into the message.

Check if your e-mail is properly laid-out and ensure it will not be marked as spam

Your newsletter may look good in Direct Mail, but this may not be the case if the recipient opens it with another e-mail client. To prevent such issues, this app can show you how the design looks like in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and many others. Be advised though that a fee is required for the complete design test.

We all hate spam, so you should probably make sure your own e-mail is not marked as such. This application can perform various checks to assess the risk level and provide suggestions.

Verify the success of your marketing campaign by viewing detailed statistics

Your message may be perfectly designed and still not be appreciated by the recipients and, just for such occasions, Direct Mail displays a report that lets you know how many people opened the message, clicked the provided link, unsubscribed from your service or even marked the e-mail as spam.

Overall, Direct Mail is a comprehensive OS X application that offers a broad range of functions designed to help you manage your marketing campaigns from the initial idea to the analysis of the results.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Message delivery limited to 50 messages/month until registration.
  • Limited to 5 recipients.


  • E-mail templates
  • HTML support
  • E-mail preview
  • Support for international characters
  • Built-in junk mail filter
  • Simple to use importing engine
  • Subscriber group automation
  • E-mail blacklist
  • Multiple SMTP accounts
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Integrated e-mail tracker