Quip 4.7.27 Free

Native desktop application for Quip that offers you the possibility to manage your documents, communicate with your team, and work in offline mode if necessary

Placing your documents in the cloud has become a necessity lately given the different devices one uses on a daily basis. The need is even more stringent if you work with other people on the same projects.

Quip is an online service that offers you the possibility to edit text documents and spreadsheets in real time while enabling you to communicate with your team via chat.

Connect to your Quip account and experience the service in a native desktop client

The Quip desktop application enables you to take advantage of everything the service has to offer, without having to go through a web browser. The utility resembles greatly the web console but allows you to access the service through a desktop app.

Noteworthy is that you need to sing up for a Quip account first: the free subscription plan comes with extensive limitations, so you might want to consider registering for a business or enterprise plan.

Moreover, considering your documents will be stored in the Quip cloud, you might want to read more about the service’s privacy policy and security measures.

Edit documents, chat with your colleagues, and manage your contacts

Quip allows you to work in both online or offline mode, making sure to upload all the modifications whenever you connect your Mac to the internet.

On top of the document editing and sharing capabilities, the service also integrates simple chat tools that can help you communicate with your team in no time.

Needless to say, all your team members must register for a Quip account, and you can easily add them to your contact list by providing their email address.

The best part is that Quip can send alerts via the Notifications Center, so you can always know who is trying to contact you, or is working on a project.


    • Quip account
    • 64-bit processor



Tinderbox 6.6.2 Demo

A comprehensive personal content management assistant designed to help you organize notes, ideas and plans, establish correlations between items, and more.

Organizing notes in a visual manner can help you keep track of ideas, find correlations between different entries, develop coherent plans, and so on. Tinderbox is an OS X app that can help you store notes in map form, generate timelines, and share them as HTML files when you are done.

Quick to install personal assistant that enables you to organize notes in a visual manner

In the Tinderbox main window you can have multiple tabs opened at the same time. By default, the window contains two tabs featuring different visualization modes for the same project: in the Map tab you get to organize new entries any way you like, while in the Outline area you get to preview the notes in a hierarchical manner and rearrange them.

However, via the Tinderbox View menu, you can easily choose to enable any of the supported viewing modes: map, outline, chart, timeline, roadmap, attribute browser, text window, or links browser.

The Tinderbox application also allows you to switch back and forth through a single click, so you can quickly toggle between views.

Versatile but challenging note management solution

Finding your way around Tinderbox is not precisely intuitive, so you might want to explore the user interface and learn how to use different functions properly: the included Help document does not provide much information, but the developers offer for download the Tinderbox manual.

To learn more about how you can make the most out of the Tinderbox capabilities, you can go on the Tinderbox forum and share experiences with other users.

Content management application designed to work with personal notes

The developer also provides a book called “The Tinderbox Way”, that can help you find new ways to use the application, and various tutorials (these are available as commercial products).

To conclude, Tinderbox is designed to help you create notes and organize information, to generate project plans, to develop new ideas, and so on.

Unfortunately, Tinderbox’s workflow is not very intuitive and this makes it have quite a steep learning curve seeing that you might have a hard time learning how to use it properly.


  • You can only create a few notes.


Lync for Mac 14.4.1 Free

A powerful OS X utility that provides its users with real-time collaboration and video communication between multiple locations.

Lync for Mac is a powerful and quite handy OS X utility that works with the popular Microsoft Lync Server in order to provide you with real-time collaboration between teams found in multiple remote locations.

Powerful and full-featured communication solution

Moreover, the Lync application enables its users with the means to collaborate in real-time using multiple communication methods. These include instant messaging, web conferencing and desktop sharing.

On top of that, Lync is a collaboration tool, with its main purpose being the increase of productivity and easy communication with colleagues.

Simple manual or automated server login configuration

Right after starting the application you will be able to login to the service using your email and user ID, and you will also be able to use Kerberos for authentication, if you need to.

Furthermore, you can choose to select an automatic and manual configuration mode, which allows you to enter the desired internal and external server name or the desired connection type.

From the Preferences menu, Lync provides you with multiple customization options regarding the application’s appearance, alerts, history, photos and even your account.

Highly customizable built-in messaging client with inbuilt call redirect and forwarding services

In addition, Lync allows you to change the IM font style and enable or disable emoticons and you can also select the default application that handles phones and conferences as well as select the location to store files received from other users.

Lync also comes with inbuilt support for call forwarding and it enables you to forward your calls to any desired phone number with just a couple of mouse clicks. As an added bonus, with the help of Lync you can also redirect unanswered calls, if needed.

Additionally, when it comes to alerts, Lync allows you to perform multiple customizations, like setting it to bounce the application icon when receiving new instant messages or receiving notifications when someone adds you to their contact list.


    • Super VGA 1280 x 800 display


  • Easy to use interface
  • Enhanced contacts menu
  • Call controls
  • Redirect calls
  • Improved scheduling


SyncTrayzor 1.1.11 Free

Effortlessly transfer data between multiple devices directly from the comforts of your computer’s desktop with the help of this streamlined application that acts as Syncthing client

Syncthing is a web-based and very accessible file-sharing service that provides you with the option to choose where your data is stored and a quick way to share it between multiple devices without the need to upload them to third-party sources.

While Syncthing does an excellent job of transferring files between multiple machines, it does have what some might consider being a downside, the fact that it requires the environment provided by a web browser in order to work.

Here is where SyncTrayzor comes into play. This lightweight and user-friendly app aims to provide you with all the benefits of Syncthing directly on your computer’s desktop, therefore eliminating the need for a browser which might feel cumbersome in certain situations.

Brings the Syncthing file-sharing service even closer to you

Before anything else, you should know that this is not a LAN based-app and, therefore, it requires that your computer is connected to the Internet.

The installation is dealt with in just a few seconds, subsequent to which SyncTrayzor integrates itself with the system’s taskbar. The interface is practically identical to what you can find on Syncthing – user-friendly and intuitive.

Does not require advanced configuration

Getting used to working with SyncTrayzor is also not a difficult challenge as the app does not require any type of configuration on your part and should run smoothly straight-off-the-box.

Transfering files from one device to other is a very straightforward process and can be achieved thanks to easily shareable IDs and even QR codes.

Provides a secure and novice-accessible way to transfer files

This is a good time to point out that everything you share is thoroughly encrypted using TLS technologies. Additionally, thanks to the a basic authentification process, you can precisely define which devices can actually transfer files.

Last but not least, by right-clicking the system tray icon, you can access the app’s global Settings window. You are provided with an extensive set of options that are meant to improve the way you interact with both SyncTrayzor, as a desktop app, and with Syncthing.

Syncthing is good but SyncTrayzor makes it that bit better

All in all, SyncTrayzor is an efficient file-sharing utility that makes Syncthing even more accessible by eliminating the need for a web-browser and by integrating itself quite nicely with your computer’s system.


    • Internet Connection
    • .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5



DriveShare 0.8.9 Free

Share your unused hard drive space in exchange for SJCX, a digital currency, and become part of the Storj cloud storage network, with this simple app

Storj is a decentralized cloud storage platform created to enable users to store data securely. It can be accessed from the MetaDisk web app, which encrypts and distributes your files across the network, and you can become part of this network with the help of DriveShare.

Essentially, DriveShare is a simple open-source application that allows you to share unused hard drive space and integrate it into the Storj network. In exchange, you receive rewards in the form of Storjcoin X (SJCX), a digital currency running on the Counterparty and Bitcoin protocol.

Promising cloud storage platform that is still under development

First of all, it is worth noting that the Storj applications are still being developed. Therefore, by downloading the DriveShare app and helping the developers gather useful data, you will become eligible for certain rewards, but a payment method for users has yet to be implemented.

Secondly, only SJCX addresses that have a balance of more than 10000 SJCX can receive rewards. You can find detailed instructions for creating your address and buying SJCX on the developer’s website.

Share your extra drive space and keep track of your earnings

Once you have created your payout address and have purchased the necessary amount of SJCX, you can launch DriveShare and input the required information.

You can specify where the data should be stored on your Mac and how much disk space you are willing to share. It is also possible to create multiple drives and share individual ones.

Your current balance is displayed above the address field, so you can keep track of how much you have earned so far.

Interesting app for those who want to help the Storj developers and earn some rewards in the process

As was stated previously, DriveShare is still under development, so it is not yet possible to share your drives and earn a steady income. However, you can become eligible for some nice rewards, so those who have a lot of disk space to spare may wish to try it out.


    • 64-bit processor



Leanote 2.1 Free

A note creator and document editor that allows data sharing and instant blog posting, encouraging collaboration between team members

Research sessions require a reliable note-taking application that can organize data in an efficient manner. One of the software solutions you can use is Leanote, which manages to keep your data structured while also providing online storage for you to access the notes wherever you are.

Sign in and start creating and organizing your notes

The desktop iteration of Leanote is designed to help you access the note management platform via a simple application that can be deployed on your computer. To do so, a free account is required so you must take the time to create one.

Once you are signed in, you are introduced to the intuitive interface of Leanote. Smartly structured in three different sections, the GUI provides one-click access to notebooks and tags, a list of all the notes, and the built-in text editor, all conveniently displayed in a single window.

A rich integrated text editor and built-in search capabilities

Notes can be included in different notebooks, which you can assign a relevant name. The text editor features all the basic options you need, allowing you to format your text exactly the way you want to. The list of available fonts is not so rich, but text editing in itself is not the purpose of this app. Other features, such as image, table and hyperlink insertion, text bullets, file attachments, inline coding, and support for various programming languages are much more important and really valuable.

As your note database grows bigger, you can use the search function to find what you are looking for quickly. To get the best search results quickly, you should not forget to add tags to your notes as soon as you create them. Furthermore, a history of your notes is stored by the app, allowing you to restore the text if needed.

And if you want to read the notes you can toggle the presentation mode, which will show the text on the entire screen.

Different sharing and exporting choices

An interesting feature of Leanote is its options to publish your note to a blog that is automatically generated and associated with your account.  Whether you created simple text notes or Markdown ones, the content can be published online and shared with others in an easy manner.

Alternatively, you can save notes as PDF or HTML documents or export them as Leanote or Evernote-compatible files.

More than a notepad, a good note organizer

Leanote is definitely more than a simple notepad, bringing to the table a generous set of features that can help anyone who likes having their information neatly organized.

Additionally, it syncs the data using the online platform, which will enable you to access it from any computer that is connected to the Internet. And what advanced users might find interesting is that they are offered the opportunity to create their own storage servers (see installation instructions) if they don’t want to use the Leanote servers to store data.


Mikogo Free

Share your desktop with other users, transfer files and chat with other session participants, start VoIP conferences and control PCs remotely

Mikogo is a software application that comes packed with desktop sharing capabilities for helping users share their PC with multiple participants. It comes in handy especially for users who are engaged in conduction web conferences or remote sessions.

In order to run the program, you are required to create an account on the official website of the application. Mikogo sports a clean and straightforward GUI that enables you to perform different operations with just a few clicks.

The tool gives you the possibility to send invitations to a selected user for giving him the opportunity to share his/her screen, join up to ten participants in a session, assign keyboard and mouse control to other participants, and schedule multiple sessions or store several session IDs and use them later.

What’s more, you can record the sessions, enable the “Whiteboard” feature for highlighting areas on the screen, and transfer files of up to 200 MB by simply dragging and dropping them into the main windows.

Another important feature worth mentioning lets you exclude applications from being shared with other users. You can select which programs appear on other users’ screen, or which ones are kept hidden.

Plus, thanks to its built-in preview function, you can easily check what is displayed on your screen.

Last but not least, you can use a large color arrow for drawing the attention of the participants upon important information, pause the screen transmission and put the session on hold, and enable the voice conference feature.

All things considered, Mikogo offers an intuitive environment for helping users share their desktop quickly and with minimum effort.


    • Pentium
    • 500 MHz CPU
    • 128MB RAM
    • Internet Connection


  • 14-day trial for Pro version (after the trial, the free version is activated, with limited features)
  • Pro features only:
  • Unlimited commercial use
  • Up to 25 participants
  • Multi-User Whiteboard
  • Application Selection
  • Session Scheduler
  • Logo Branding
  • Website Integration


  • Desktop Sharing:
  • Mikogo provides high quality desktop sharing so you can share your computer screen with participants on both PCs and Mac computers, live over the Internet.
  • Multiple Meeting Participants:
  • Up to 10 participants can join your session and view your screen in real-time. Your participants will be able to view your screen through a viewer window, which appears on their screen as soon as they join your session. No installations or registrations required for participants.
  • Switch Presenter:
  • At any point during your free desktop sharing session, you are able to send an invitation to a session participant offering them to take the role of presenter. Upon acceptance the viewing direction will switch, enabling the participant to become the presenter and share their screen. Naturally, you may switch between different presenters as often as required.
  • Remote Keyboard and Mouse Control:
  • While sharing your screen, you may assign remote control to a session participant. Such a feature encourages the participants to actively engage in the web conference and contribute to the online discussion, as well as providing an ideal solution for remote support.
  • Initial Viewing Direction and Remote Control Settings:
  • This is an ideal feature for remote support session organizers. With it, you can start a session, invite a participant, and have the participant instantly become the presenter and show their screen to you. You can even obtain initial remote control of your participant’s keyboard & mouse. Of course explicit consent is required by the participant for security.
  • Session Scheduler:
  • Plan multiple sessions ahead of time and keep track of them within the scheduler. Each session receives a unique ID and can be used repeatedly on future occasions. You can also store several session IDs in your scheduler and use them at any time you wish. Session details can be quickly sent to the invited participants.
  • Session Recording and Playback:
  • Both the presenter and participants can record the session to keep as a record for later playback. The session player can also be downloaded for free.
  • Whiteboard:
  • Enable the whiteboard toolbar to illustrate and highlight areas on your screen for others to see when viewing your screen.
  • Transfer Files:
  • Ever had problems sending files which are too large for email attachments? With Mikogo, you can transfer files of up to 200MB in size live over the Internet, whilst in the middle of your web conference.
  • Application Selection:
  • During a Mikogo session, you may not wish to share your entire desktop, but rather keep some open applications hidden from view e.g. your email client. Mikogo allows you to select which applications you wish to share during the session, and which ones you would prefer to keep hidden.
  • Back Monitor:
  • This small box provides you with a view of exactly what the participants can see on your screen during a desktop sharing session.
  • Participant Pointer:
  • Participants can click in their viewer window at any time, which will display a large colored arrow on the current presenter’s screen. This aids discussion and demonstrations, as participants can quickly draw the attention of the presenter and other participants to a certain area on the presenter’s screen.
  • On some occasions, you may not require the use of the participant pointer. Consequently you may switch it off at any time during a Mikogo session under the Preferences Tab in the Mikogo Session Information window.
  • Copy/Paste/Email Meeting Info:
  • A quick easy way to notify your participants of the Mikogo session details.
  • Pause Transmission:
  • When the need arises, simply pause screen transmission and place the session on hold while you access private files or applications. The screen sharing will momentarily cease, and your session participants are unable to see any action you make on your computer. When ready you may continue your free online meeting and the screen sharing between you and your participants will instantly resume.
  • Adjust Speed/Quality Settings:
  • With this feature, you can adjust speed/quality settings to correspond to the purpose of your Mikogo session. If you’re using Mikogo for remote support, you may like to select the “max speed” setting whereas those hosting web conferences and web presentations will prefer the “high quality” setting to provide an even clearer screen sharing experience for their session participants.


xArrow 6.5 Demo

A lightweight but fully functional industrial configuration software that can communicate directly with most of the PLC device, such as Mitsubishi, Omron etc.

Almost every domain of activity benefits from the help a computer can provide, and it can even be used to communicate or manipulate other machines. Sure enough, each specific type of activity requires an application that’s equipped with the right set of features. For instance, xArrow comes with the means to control and monitor industrial infrastructure.

Organize new and existing projects

The application lets you work in a simple, yet organized interface, with the default menu letting you easily navigate through project files in a side tree view pane, while value tables are shown in the rest of the space. The upper toolbar is fitted with buttons to quickly trigger different functions, like running SCADA, applying switches, accessing strings, and analog view, as well as different other components.

A built-in project manager gives you the possibility to organize your workload, with options to import existing ones, export, start new, or add extra protection through encryption. More than that, the application can be used across a network, with various net topology, address, and note configuration options.

Set alarms and build reports

There’s also the possibility to customize projects through the drawing component. Several preset examples let you get familiar with the set of features. A toolbox is at your disposal to quickly insert common objects, which can then be configured on the canvas. You can save the drawing to use in your projects.

Just to keep a close eye on things, there’s the possibility to set up alarms according to different actions that can take place, such as switch change, or analog going over a specific limit. A WAV audio file can be selected for each, while enabling requires to check a corresponding box. Exporting benefits from a decent set of options, especially the report designer for custom templates and data fields.

In conclusion

On an ending note, specialized domains of activity require dedicated applications that provide necessary controls, and xArrow is one such utility. Multiple components provide coverage for drawing, project organizing, report building, and more. Given the right set of values, it can even be used across local networks.


    • CPU: Intel x86 or compatible CPU
    • Memory: Greater than 64M
    • Graphics: Windows compatible graphics card
    • Harddisk: Greater than 60M


  • Limited to 75 tags


  • Distributed architecture
  • Data integrity
  • Convenient data configuration


BusyCal 3.0 Trial

Helps you to effortlessly share and synchronize your iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and CalDAV calendars with others Macs and iOS devices

BusyCal is a well-designed and user-oriented Mac OS X application that comes as an alternative to Apple’s Calendar app and which offers numerous reliable time-saving features.

Keep your data synchronized across devices and services

With BusyCal’s help, you can quickly and easily share and synchronize your iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar and CalDAV calendars with other Macs and iOS devices.

What is more, BusyCal offers customizable calendar views, scrolling week and month views along with a handy Info panel that makes it easy to view and edit events. Thanks to BusyCal you can also keep track of your daily tasks, check the weather feeds and moon phases.

Furthermore, BusyCal comes with a practical menu bar icon that enables you to quickly view the current day’s events and weather.

Change the calendar view mode and filter the displayed events and reminders

From BusyCal’s main window you can switch between the Day, Week, Month, Year or List calendar view, adjust the number of weeks displayed per month and list view displays with custom date ranges and columns.

The weather forecast covers the upcoming 10 days and you also have the option to configure BusyCal to display holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. BusyCal helps you customize the event fonts, sizes, styles and colors with ease.

Create custom events with personalized fonts, styles and colors

BusyCal also offers you the option to display upcoming tasks directly in your calendar, take control over the date range, create recurring to dos that can be easily synchronized with Apple’s Reminders app.

Moreover, BusyCal helps you organize your calendars into groups and create Smart Filters in order to display only a certain set of calendars, a custom view or events that match the given criteria.

In conclusion, BusyCal is a fully-featured calendar application for everyday use that helps you create events, setup reminders and alarms, check the weather and keep track of tasks with ease.


    • iCloud, Google, Exchange or CalDAV server
    • 64-bit processor


  • 30 days trial


  • Sync calendars via Bonjour
  • Sync with Google Calendar and iOS devices
  • Support for offline editing
  • Built-in to do list
  • Weather forecast
  • Customizable interface


Tresorit 2.1.798.470 Trial

A light, low-key and user-friendly utility that enables you to store, share and synchronize your confidential data across multiple devices

Tresorit promises to be a secure, end-to-end encrypted cloud solution that enables you to securely store, access and share your files and folders.

Thanks to Tresorit you can easily and effortlessly store and even backup any folder, keep multiple versions of your data and encrypt all information before it is uploaded in the cloud.

Easy to use tool for effortless encrypted cloud backup of your data

In other words, you can turn any folder from your Mac’s hard disk into a secure tresor. To create a new tresor you can simply drag and drop the desired folder onto Tresorit’s main window or use the “Create new tresor” window.

Tresorit uses industry standard and patented cryptographic protocols in order to ensure the security and safety of your data. What is more, all your synchronized folders can be accessed from your iOS device or any other Mac or Windows computer that has Tresorit installed.

Designed to also make it simple to share your data with others

From Tresorit’s main window you can sort the displayed tresors according to their name or owner and add new ones with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, you can disconnect tresors from your Mac, delete them from Cloud and reveal them in Finder at any time.

What is more, the share feature helps you invite new users to access your data and setup collaboration with friends, family and co-workers.

Thus, you can provide three different permission levels and organize a secure and productive collaboration. Tresorit enables you to offer Manager, Editor and Reader rights to each of the invited users.

Streamlined solution for cloud data backup and storage

By accessing Tresorit’s status bar menu you can view recently changed files, check the storage usage, pause the synchronization process and access the Preferences window. You can configure Tresorit to automatically start at login and display or hide notifications and Finder badges.

To sum it all up, Tresorit is a practical and intuitive application that enables you to safely store, backup and share sensitive data with other users and devices.


    • 64-bit processor


  • You can store up to 5GB of data using a free account.