Merlin 4.0.10 Build 48982 Demo

A powerful and intuitive project management solution that offers all the tools and features required to manage your projects on time and on budget

Merlin is a professional project management application that helps you to successfully plan, manage, collaborate and complete your projects.

Take advantage of the multiple views and the context sensitive Inspector

From Merlin’s main window you can easily work on your projects, enter activities and link them via the Activities View, add resources with the help of the Resources View and check the task assignment in the Utilization View.

Moreover, with the help of the Inspector, Merlin allows you to enter and extract data into and from your project. The context sensitive feature offers you relevant information for the currently selected item.

The great benefit offered by the Inspector, is that you can view only information you are interested in and leave out irrelevant data. Hence you can minimize the workspace clutter and information overload to a minimum.

Helps you keep costs and budgets under control

Beside managing time, you can use Merlin to manage budgets and costs in a more efficient way with the help of the extensive financial capabilities.

Thus, you can drive the approval and budgeting process up through the allocation of budget steps and activities, even if it is a bottom up or top down process, in both absolute or percentage terms.

On top of that, Merlin enables you to compare the planned and real values across a wide variety of categories, from process costs, resource cots, elements costs and more. Furthermore, Merlin’s built-in library helps you store resources and build up large projects using snippets of previously stored information.

Handy and powerful built-in search engine and library

Merlin’s Library also stores all the addresses obtained from Contacts, LDAP and MS Entourage, used in establishing the resource availability for a given project. The integrated search form enables you to quickly and effortlessly search through your project with a couple of keystrokes.

To conclude, Merlin is a fully-featured project manager for OS X designed to streamline your workflow and help you manage large and complex projects a lot easier.


    • 64-bit processor


  • It is no possible to edit more than 40 activities in demo version.
  • All changes are lost after quitting the app.


  • User-oriented interface
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Practical Utilization View
  • Seamless integration with third-party apps
  • Built-in search engine
  • Print are report capabilities


Escape 1.0.4 Free

Unobtrusive activity monitor that detects when you are going to social media websites or checking your mail and creates a map with all the interruptions

Escape is a small OS X application that can automatically detect whenever you are checking your email or visiting various social network websites.

These visits tend to interrupt your workflow, so Escape helps you see how often these online distractions interfere with your focus.

Easy to setup activity monitor that works right out of the box

When you launch the Escape application, you are prompted to allow its companion helper tool to start the utility at login so that your activity will be monitored at all times even if you forget to open the app.

Moreover, Escape also prompts you to create an account for the app but keep in mind that it is optional. At the same time, you do not seem to be able to access the account online, and the developer does not specify what do you need the account for.

However, if you don’t go through these steps, Escape will prompt you to do so every time you launch the app. On the other hand, once you take care of these details, Escape will start the monitoring process without requiring any more user interaction.

Automatically detects when you are visiting popular social network websites

Worth mentioning is that the Escape app has no customization options whatsoever: you can resize the app’s window, but that is about it. You cannot use hotkeys to access the main panel, and you do not have any control over the websites or apps that are monitored.

Whenever Escape detects an app or website that is considered to be a distraction, it will add it to its main list and point out the time for the visit. In addition, Escape will also keep track of the number of interruptions, and the total amount of time spent on these distractions.

Identify time wasting patterns in order to improve your focus

To sum up, Escape offers you the possibility to visualize how often you are interrupting your work and losing your focus to visit social network websites, or to check your email.

The Escape utility can help you identify these time wasting habits and make the first step to a more focused workflow.


    • 64-bit processor



MacDoppler 2.22 – 2.23 Beta 2 Demo

A powerful and user-friendly amateur radio satellite tracking application that can assist you in pointing and tuning your antenna

MacDoppler is a straightforward Ham Radio Satellite Tracking application for your Mac that allows you to visually track multiple satellites and help you to manually operate your rotators.

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, uses the designated radio frequency spectra with the purpose of private recreation, non-commercial exchange of messages, self-training, wireless experimentation and emergency communication.

Automatic satellite tracker

MacDoppler promises to offer the desired level of station automation, from antenna pointing and Doppler tuning up to fully automated Satellite Gateway operation. To take advantage of all MacDoppler’s capabilities, you should use a full duplex satellite radio.

Compatible with various rotor controllers and duplex satellite radios

What is more, MacDoppler offers support for a wide variety of rotor controllers such as SatEL, PrimeSat, Endeavour AutoTracker and more. A list with all supported rotor controllers is available on MacDoppler’s webpage.

MacDoppler is designed to automatically find and download the keplerian elements and sort the track list in real time according to the next pass. On top of that, you can use MacDoppler to predict dead spot crossing and avoid interruptions generated by the beam heading passing a dead spot.

Interactive interface

Moreover, MacDoppler provides speech advisory for the next satellite AOS and maximum elevation. You can also take advantage of the Horizon window and view the upcoming passes on the timeline.

MacDoppler comes with built-in support for Satellite Gateway using Ontrack ADR101. You can use the Tuning Dial Tracking to fine tune the downlink from your radio’s front panel while MacDoppler automatically adjusts the uplink.

From MacDoppler’s main window you can easily add satellites to your track list, switch between the 2D and 3D view, check the downlink and uplink along with the horizon.


    • Radios Supported: YAESU FT-736R, FT-847, YAESU FT-817, ICOM IC-970, IC-820, IC-821H, IC-910, ICOM IC-R7000, IC-R8500, and IC-PCR1000 Receivers, Kenwood TS-790A, TS-2000, Kenwood TS-50, AOR AR-3000A Receiver.
    • A full duplex satellite radio like the TS-2000, FT-847 or IC-910 is recommended.


  • The application closes after 5 minutes.
  • Some features are disabled.


  • Prediction calculator
  • Horizon window
  • Tuning dial tracking
  • Uplink adjuster
  • QSO logging


ShareWatcher Demo

Monitor files shared over the network and find out who accessed them using this advanced app with support for email notifications, sound alerts, filters, and more

ShareWatcher is an approachable network utility that facilitates a user-friendly working environment for monitoring files shared over LAN, so you can find out who is accessing them. It comprises some advanced options or configuration parameters that mainly cater to experienced users.

Hassle-free setup and clear-cut GUI

The installation procedure is a fast and easy task that requires minimal attention. As for the interface, the main app window has a neatly organized structure that invites you to indicate the folders to monitor for user access, whether they are local or from FTP.

Set folders to monitor and activate notifications

It is possible to include or exclude subfolders, apply file filters, as well as enable email notifications and sound alerts for important events. Advanced users may also create custom commands for execution.

A separate area is dedicated to viewing the users who have accessed the files in question. However, you can put together an ignore list. Moreover, ShareWatcher can ignore files accessed by the local host, and you can pick the frequency to check for new files as well as apply a proxy configuration.

The app can be asked to automatically run at every Windows startup, minimize to the system tray, and verify for software updates at startup. The data files are backed up to file and you can pick a different location.

Evaluation and conclusion

We have not come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that ShareWatcher did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It runs on low CPU and RAM, so it doesn’t hamper system performance.

Thanks to its practical features and extensive set of configuration settings, ShareWatcher should please users looking for an efficient way to monitor files shared over the local network.


    • .NET 4.5.1 (included in installer)


  • 60-minute trial
  • Once the trial is over, the application switches to the free version (no live notifications of new and deleted files, cannot purchase live plugins, 1 alert action type, no e-mail support)
  • Nag screen


Money 4.7.5 Trial

An easy to use and very organized personal and business accounting application that will help you analyze your spending patterns

Money is a powerful, fully-featured and intuitive Mac OS X application that makes it easy for you to keep your financial life under control.

Helps you keep track of your income and spending with ease

With Money’s help you’ll be able to keep an eye in your bank accounts, check your account balances, track spending and income, set budgets and more. On top of that, Money enables you to keep all your data synchronized across your Macs and iOS devices with ease.

From Money’s main window, you’ll be able to have an overview of your financial status, evaluate your net worth and check your upcoming transactions. Money features support for multiple types of accounts, such as bank, cash or investment, as well as multi-currency support.

Customize the pre-defined categories and add your own

Thanks to the comprehensive list of pre-defined categories you can track the cost per category and handle your costs easier. Moreover, Money is capable to print checks, transfer and split payments, add notes and attachments to your accounts and transactions.

By using Money, you also have the option to plan your budget, define budget periods, calculate the average spending amounts and set realistic budget limits, define recurring budgets and more.

The built-in smart scheduler helps you have an overview of your income, expenses and transfers, manage recurring transactions and set reminders for scheduled transactions.

Monitor investments and generate detailed reports

What is more, Money is capable to track your investment accounts, organize them into portfolios, generate charts to visualize the performance of your portfolio and individual stocks. As mentioned above, Money allows you to synchronize your data with your iPhone or iPad via Dropbox.

Money comes with support for multiple users and  all your financial data can be easily protected using the password protection feature. From the Preferences window, you can hide or show data from the displayed tables, adjust the text size, select your default currency, create backups, change your password, define rules for your accounts and more.


    • 64-bit processor


  • 15 days trial


  • Well-designed user interface
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Handy reports
  • Password protected data
  • Useful pre-defined categories


Investoscope 3.0.14 Demo

A well-designed and fully-featured portfolio tracking and technical charting application specially made for individual investors

Investoscope is an all-in-one financial OS X application that provides you with all the tools required to keep a detailed transaction record and to generate accurate reports on your capital gains and losses, distributions and overall performance.

Light, intuitive and powerful portfolio tracking app for investors

With the help of Investoscope’s built-in technical charts and new help you can effortlessly analyze and check your current and potential future investments.

Moreover, Investoscope helps you track multiple portfolios in different currencies and organize them into portfolio folders that provide access to various sub-portfolios.

Thanks to the Watchlists feature, you can also organize and track different instruments and define custom update rules based on your needs.

Helps you generate and display technical charts filled with relevant data

Investoscope’s state-of-the-art technical charting feature enables you to showcase numerous technical indicators that are accompanied by a large number of customization options.

On top of that, Investoscope automatically records all transactions and, as a result, it is capable to generate several informative reports such as capital gains, income and performance reports.

What is more, Investoscope allows you to stay updated with the latest new by attaching any number of RSS or Atom feeds to your funds, stocks or any other instruments.

At the same time, the inbuilt allocation pie charts make it easy for you to view how your assets are distributed between individual instruments, market caps, sectors, asset classes and more.

Go beyond borders and keep a close eye on foreign financial markets

Investoscope is also capable to import transactions via OFX or CSV files and helps you export your data to CSV files with ease and, additionally, Investoscope features support for almost all world markets, including USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and South America.

As an added bonus, Investoscope seamlessly integrates with OS X and, as a result, features support for the Notification Center alert system and AppleScript automation.


    • An internet connection
    • 64-bit processor


  • This demo version will not allow you to record more than 50 transactions and track more than 25 instruments.


  • User friendly interface
  • Automatic quotes update
  • Export to CSV format
  • Import from CSV and OFX files
  • Accounting features
  • Watchlist


Qbserve 1.5 Build 3522 Trial

Improve your productivity by observing how much time you spend on particular websites, using certain apps, and so on, with the help of an automatic time tracker

Qbserve offers you the option to analyze the way in which you are spending your time by using automatically generated graphs. You get to use Qbserve to log your activity, and the utility will sort the entries on its own, without requiring too much user interaction.

For more accurate results, the user can manually curate the list of activities and manually assign the category for each entry. You are bound to use the 3 predefined main categories, but you can also add your own divisions in each case.

Time tracking utility that can monitor your overall activity and sort the data by category

Qbserve is able to recognize more that 5500 different applications, games, and websites, and keeps them organized in 3 main categories: productive, neutral, and disruptive. The graphs generated by the gathered information can be previewed in the Overview panel.

On the other hand, Qbserve automatically determines the percent of productive activity compared to the totally logged time, and you get to see the real-time assessment in the companion status bar menu. The menulet also provides quick access to the Qbserve console.

Log all the apps, websites, or games you are playing and handle the sorting process manually

In the Qbserve Details panel, you can see a comprehensive list of activities and the category that has been assigned by default. In each case, you get to see the total spent time, and how much it represents for your overall performance expressed in percents.

To help you get more precise diagrams, Qbserve offers you the possibility to change both the category and the subcategory for each entry manually. Moreover, Qbserve also provides the option to ignore certain activities.

Pause the tracking or define alerts and reminders in order to stay focused on your work

Qbserve offers you the possibility to quickly visualize how you have been spending your time with the help of colorful diagrams that can display your records for the entire year, or for a particular hour in the day.

However, you get to pause the tracking for a particular period if you don’t want certain activities to be included in your statistics.

At the same time, Qbserve integrates with the Notification Center and can help you set alerts and reminders to make sure you are focused on what you are doing.


    • OS X accessibility access
    • 64-bit processor


  • 5 days trial


Übersicht 1.0.43 Free

An unobtrusive and powerful utility designed from the ground up to help you place multiple widgets on your Mac’s screens and display their output

Übersicht is a practical and very easy-to-use Mac OS X application that makes it easy for your to check the weather, monitor your system’s status, receive updates, keep an eye on your to-do list and more.

Handy system utility for novice and experienced users alike

In other words, Übersicht enables you to run various system commands and display their output on your desktop within little containers, called widgets.

These widgets can be written using HTML5 and, as a result, are fully customizable, are able to display data in tables, graphs or charts and can react to different screen sizes.

The widgets supported by Übersicht need to be in a single file with a JS or COFFEE extension in order for the app to load them.

Moreover, Übersicht automatically monitors any changes in your widget directory fact that allows you to preview the changes performed within a widget in real time.

Ever-growing collection of community generated widgets

The best thing about Übersicht is that it comes with a list of community widgets that you can download and install with just a couple of mouse clicks. From Übersicht’s status bar menu you can open the widgets folder and place the desired widgets inside.

Übersicht displays them on your desktop and gives you the power to refresh all loaded widgets with a single click of a mouse button. It is also worth mentioning that you are required to edit the code of the loaded widgets in order to move them from one part of the screen to another.

Fully-customizable widgets that you can place anywhere on your desktop

Unfortunately, it would have been much easier if Übersicht enabled its users to change the location of the installed widgets via easier means. On the bright side, you can edit the content of the downloaded widgets and customize them according to your needs or preferences.


    • 64-bit processor



SprintWork 1.7.9 trial

A simple and user-friendly application that is able to track how much certain computer users spend using entertaining programs or websites

SprintWork is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software that was developed to provide you with the means of accurately tracking the time your employees spend on websites or playing games, enabling you to block access to certain social networks or even programs, in order to encourage them to use their work hours more productively.

Clean and intuitive looks

During the installation process, you will be required to input a password based on which you can launch SprintWork and adjust its functioning preferences, so make sure you do not forget or misplace it.

The interface of the utility is fairly simple to understand and handle, which makes it quite suitable for anyone, even if you lack prior experience with similar software.

Track your employees’ activity and block their access to useless websites or programs

SprintWork can function in stealth mode, in order to prevent the targeted personnel from learning they are being monitored. For starters, you will need to configure which websites and applications should be forbidden by SprintWork. Aside from the numerous social media networks that are already targeted by the utility, you can also customize the list to meet your individual needs.

As such, you have the ability of blocking access permanently or between specified time frames to certain applications and websites. In addition, if multiple users are working on the same computer, you can choose which one to monitor or ignore, in accordance with your preferences.

Aside from providing you with the possibility of preventing your employees’ access to time-wasting activities both online and offline, SprintWork also allows you to get an accurate account of how long they spend using certain programs, for instance media players, web browsers and others.

A handy activity monitor and blocker

Overall, SprintWork proves to be an efficient and user-friendly tool that can successfully assist you in keeping your personnel in check, by making sure they only perform job-related activities during their schedule, rather than waste time.


    • 20 MB of free space


  • 15-day trial period
  • Nag screen


rubiTrack 4 Pro 4.3.4 Build 2407

A simple, clean and user-friendly application specially designed for cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes and athletes that want to track their activity

rubiTrack is a well-designed training journal that enables you to monitor, review and track your daily activities with ease.

Activity tracker

By using rubiTrack, you can handle and organize recorded runs and routes, view them on the map, analyze and compare them in order to document your training process.

Consequently, you can display your activities as collections, list or calendar entries, synchronize data across devices and track your equipment, update your log and view the workout summary.

The Sidepanel offers you instant access to dynamic activity groups and offers information about the current user.

Workout logger

To begin using rubiTrack, you first have to record your running, swimming, walking, cycling or workout session using a GPS enabled fitness device, heart rate monitor, step counter or smartphone.

rubiTrack is capable to download the recorded data directly from various devices such as Sunnto, Garmin and Polar or via the cloud through Garmin Connect, Suunto Movescout and Runkeeper to your Mac’s hard disk.

From rubiTrack’s main window you can easily view your activities on the map, analyze and compare the recorded data using interactive charts and data readers. The great thing about rubiTrack, is that all activities are automatically grouped and sorted different statistics.

Moreover, you can use rubiTrack to manage your sports equipment, track your health data, monitor your training progress on a daily or yearly basis.

Well-designed interface

The used graphics and window layout helps you to easily read the summary of a given activity. Hence, you can view the distance, duration, pace, speed, power, ascent, heart rate, laps, calories, sport, equipment, track preview and weather conditions.

The built-in calendar can be customized to display different levels of detail while the workout summary helps you have an overview of your activities over a given period of time.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Saving files is disabled in the demo version


  • Customizable dynamic activity groups
  • Equipment managing tools
  • Automatically generated graphs, charts and maps
  • Athlete log feature
  • GPS data reader
  • Support for numerous GPS enabled devices