Temple 1.16 Free

A straightforward software utility that can offer you a detailed list with all the USB-enabled devices that are connected to your PC

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and it is a protocol widely used for connecting devices to a computer. Temple is one of the applications you can turn to when you want to get detailed information related to these devices.

Portable app with straightforward looks

The software solution is a portable one, meaning that you do not need to install it onto your PC in order to enjoy its functions. Additionally, you can also copy it on your removable flash drive and carry it with you, since you can launch it directly from the external drive without any restrictions.

In terms of looks, Temple features a user-friendly graphical interface, yet novices might have a hard time find their way around the large amount of displayed data since the app is addressed mainly at computer experts who have the skills to interpret the data.

Explore all devices connected via USB

The application automatically scans your PC and detects all the devices that meet the criteria, i.e. which are connected via USB.

As such, you can browse through a wide range of devices, such as smartphones, flash drives, external hard disks, keyboards and optical mice and so on.

View details about USB-connected devices

Once Temple has finished analyzing your computer, it displays numerous types of information about each device, such as speed, type, power and supported number of ports.

Moreover, you can save the list of details to XML and examine the generated file at a later time or import it in a third-party app.

All in all, Temple can come in handy to all those who are looking for a portable tool that displays info about their USB-connected devices within a clean, straightforward GUI.


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