V-REP Player 3.3.2 Free

Visualize and record robot simulations created with the help of the V-REP application in a less resources demanding environment, without purchasing a license

V-REP is a robot simulator that enables you to create robot models and bring them together into various scenes to see how they are interacting. V-REP comes with extensive modeling capabilities and employs 4 different engines to render the simulations.

Share V-REP robot simulations or run presentations on other machines besides your working station

V-REP Player is a free companion app that enables you to see these simulations without having the install the main utility, which might prove to be quite demanding in terms of resources usage.

Moreover, V-REP Player does not require purchasing a license, so you will have the option to present your simulations regardless of the machine you are using (the player has Linux and Windows counterparts).

You also get to share your projects directly, knowing that the recipients will be able to open the files even if they don’t own the robot simulator software.

Fully control the V-REP simulation and even record the scene outcome

V-REP Player packs all the simulation tools included in the V-REP application but keep in mind that you cannot edit the models in any way. On the other hand, V-REP Player comes with a models library, and you can easily add any on the included elements to the current scene.

Before starting the simulation, you get to choose the physics engine you want to employ for the rendering and decide if you wish to record the simulation: V-REP Player will generate an AVI file and place it on your drive. Note that you can start the video recording anytime you like.

Companion application for the V-REP robot simulator

To sum up, V-REP Player aims to provide a user-friendly solution for viewing robot models created with the help of the V-REP application.

At the same time, V-REP Player can also simulate various scenes, and is able to output the results in an AVI video file that includes info about the different parameters that influence the simulation result.


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